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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Happy 9th Birthday to The Angry Beavers!

This is nuts! I'll bet very few people realize that 9 years ago today, the great Nickelodeon series The Angry Beavers debuted. The Angry Beavers is my favorite Nicktoon. I was about two Beaver brothers named Norbert (voiced by Nick Bakay) and Daggett (Richard Horvitz). They were kicked out of their home after their mother had a second litter (it's the beaver way). The two eventually find their own bachelor pad and have all sorts of adventures in the forest and the human world. The show ran for 5 years and had at least 120 episodes (well, okay, just 62, but 2 episodes equaled one whole, and the Halloween episode was split in two parts). After doing some thinking, here are my all-time favorite episodes:
Born to Be Beavers: The episode that started it all. Dag and Norb learn to cope on their own.

Up All Night: The beavers think, since they're living on their own they can do whatever they want include, stay up all night.

Long in the Teeth: The beavers start a forest fad of growing their teeth long (and, yes, while still aware of the dangers).

Enter the Daggett: Dag trains himself to be a ninja, known as The Silent Wind of Doom.

Beaver Feaver: The beavers record a disco hit, that turns out to be nothing but a one-hit wonder.

Dag for Night: The beavers find a long-lost print of a never-finished B-movie. The beavers take it upon themselves to finish it.

Sans-a-Pelt: After a lame magic trick, the beaver lose their pelt and are stranded miles, and miles away from home!

Pass it On: The beavers and their forest friends (Barry the Bear, Bing the Tree Lizard, Treeflower, Stump, and Truckee) tell a "chainlink" spy story.

The Angry Beavers' Halloween Special- The Day the World Got Screwed Up: The beavers are trick-or-treating on Oct. 30th (to avoid competition), and eventually stumple upon the abode of their favorite actor Oxnard Montavo. His home is being taken over by aliens that are feeding on reality.

Mistaken Idenity: A Russian spacecraft crashes in the beavers' home. Neither one wants to clean up the mess (even though, now there are communists running around their dam. I think a simple home mess is the least of their problems). So the two have a bet that neither can go 24 hours while acting like the other.

Kreature Komforts: The beavers recieve a visit from their "simple" cousin who happens to be an expressionless 2-D real-life beaver.

Damnesia: The dam falls on Norb giving him amnesia. Dag informs Norb of who he once was and Norb is terrified of his former self. He renames himself "Troy" and vows to be a nicer beaver than Norb ever was (don't worry, Norb changes back by the end of the episode).

Happy Birthday you guys!


Anonymous Kelly said...

The Angry Beavers was the and is the best nicktoon ever!

6/09/2006 2:00 PM


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