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Monday, March 19, 2007

Ms. Adventure's blog

Um. Hi? Remember me? I used to post blogs here. I know, I'm deadbeat. Anyway, I just wanted to plug another person's blog (w/out permission! *squeal*). It's the blog of comedian Rachel Reenstra, the host of Animal Planet's series "Ms. Adventure". Just follow this link: http://reenstra.blogspot.com/
I've recently watched some of her episodes (I watch Animal Planet all the time). I think she's a good animal show host. Bare in mind though, I think Jeff Corwin's series is the best (yes, better than the deceased Steve Irwin! Sue me why don't you! Bah!) I've taped a couple of episodes to watch. One episode is where Reenstra shows how animals protect themselves, and she (along with some bear expert; definetly not Stephen Colbert) demonstrated how to trap a bear. But, first, she (stupidly?) climbed into the bear trap and got herself stuck. Haha! Yeah, yeah I know it was staged. In another show she talks about animal "cliques" (yes she uses the word "clique", a word that hasn't been used since the 80s), and how they group together. In the episode, she views a zebra trainer attempt to feed a femal zebra only to get mowed down by the dominate male. Ha-Ha! Reenstra is a comedian that works at clubs in L.A. She's the voice over for Pier One Imports commercials. I think she's kinda funny. Her show is interesting, and worth investigating. I hope her show lasts.
But, I still think Jeff Corwin has the best animal show.

Friday, February 02, 2007

"The Little Match Girl" a review

My god, has it really been 3 months since I posted here?
Well, anyway, I'm back here to post my review on the Columbia short The Little Match Girl, released in 1937. I have always wanted to see this short, and thanks to Jerry Beck, I finally got a copy.
Wow. This is such a well made short. I'm not quite sure what to say, that others haven't said about it yet, so I'm going to be very repetitive here. The cartoon starts with loud obnoxious, revelers with nothing better to do but run around the streets throwing confetti and yelling (surely that would get old after awhile. Just parading around going "Happy New Year" a lot. I'm partial to the fireworks display myself). Among this happy mob is a short, young girl trying to sell matches on the street (left unexplained however is she where got the matches from, or even what their base price is). But the rowdy people either don't see her, or just flat out ignore her. At least one careless sucker trips over her and she spills her matchbox. Another drifter steps on her box, and kicks it away (that HAD to have been deliberate).
When she recovers her box, some freak blows a horn in her face (???) sending her scrambling into the streets and nearly getting steamrollared by a horse and carriage. The girl rushes to a warm bakery (?) and eyes the pancakes being made. Then the same creep earlier blows his horn in her face again (!), which results in fits of laughter from nearby spectators (????). The match girl leaves town to a secluded neighborhood, and rests under some old-looking gate or balconey.
The girl is cold, the winds are blowing, so she immediately goes for the matches (you see, cause no one else wanted the profits). She lights the match, but the wind blows it out. This keeps happening until the third match where she dreams of entering a heavenly place filled with cherubs, gift-giving doves, christmas trees, and looped chorus music (that get's annoying after awhile). The girl tries out the angels' swing, and swings on it, in what has to be one of the earliest recordings of a 3D-esque shot in a 2D cartoon.
The girl's rags becomes a pretty party dress, and with a new doll. The cherubs give her a throne, and flowers, and such. The kindness is so much that the girl actually gets teary-eyed here. Unfortunetly she gets a GOOD reason to leak her eyelids when a storm approaches, and the angels immediatly scramble and ditch the poor girl (they are not the best hosts, really), and the strong winds blows everything to pieces.
Next, all the girl sees is a candle that is still lit, and she meekly tries to crawl her way to the candle, but very quickly it goes out, and the girl collapses. We pan back to the real world, and the girl is dead in the snow, and her match box empty, and burnt matches everywhere. The angel appears and takes her soul into the starry heavens. The cartoon ends with the chorus singing a highly inappropriate "Happy New Year" as the cartoon irises out to the end Columbia title card. Wow.
If you don't have a copy of this short, you must seek it out. It is possibly Columbia's best. It was niminated for an Oscar, but lost to Disney's The Old Mill (you, see cause it's Disney. Therefore they should have won anyway, right?). But, this short is so well made, lots of great percpective shots, layouts, and a dreadful ending, it's enough to make you feel uncomfortable at the end. My review is officially done.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

MST3K Trouble!

One of my favorite shows is the cult comedy series: Mystery Science Theater 3000. This show has been off the air for two years because financing the rights to the b-movies is a big hassel, especially for Rhino Home Video who has been distributing the show on VHS and DVD since 1997.
But, now we've encountered a problem. In 1999, Rhino lost the rights to season 3's "Amazing Colossal Man", and it has never been released to DVD nor was used in any of the MST3K boxsets. In 2005, Rhino lost The Begining of the End (although that movie was released to DVD, but never added to any boxsets). This year, the good MSTie gods of Satellite News (www.mst3k.com) have informed us this:
Our source at Rhino Home Video informs us that it has lost the rights to all four films featured on The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Volume 1 (Catalina Caper, The Creeping Terror, Bloodlust and The Sky Divers), and will, in March, lose the rights to The Sidehackers, featured in The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Volume 3.So, if you haven't bought 'em yet, scoop 'em up now.Our source also says they are working on what to do about the two other movies on Volume 3, The Unearthly and The Atomic Brain (the fourth disc in that set is a shorts collection). Stay tuned.
But, you know WE the MSTies can do something about this. We need to make sure we tell RHINO that we don't want to lose any MST3K episodes. We want RHINO to re-purchase the rights to these movies (and why is it that the owners don't want to budge? Do they think they can make money else where with these turdbombs? MST3K is the only thing these flicks have going for them! I wish these penny-suckers would realize that).
So, here's what we can do. Contact Rhino Home Video through this site: http://rhino.com/about/about_drrhino.lasso (the email address is in there) and tell them we want these movies' rights repurchased. We don't want to have to lose TWO whole boxsets! Let your voice be heard. Rhino has been known to answer email. ARE YOU BLOKES WITH ME?! And let us thank Satellite News for the heads up.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Looney Tunes GC Vol. 3, disc 3

Here's what's on Disc three, and they're summaries.
NOTE: Because, I'm in a hurry, I didn't post the plot summaries. I basically cut-and-paste info taken from goldenagecartoons.com My apologies.
1. "Cat-tails For Two" (Speedy Gonzales, Benny & George; 1953)
2. "Tabasco Road" (Speedy Gonzales; 1957)
3. "Tortilla Flaps" (Speedy Gonzales, El Vulturo; 1958)
4. "Mexicali Shmoes" (Speedy Gonzales, Slowpoke Rodriguez; 1959)
5. "Here Today, Gone Tamale" (Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester; 1959)
6. "West Of The Pesos" (Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester; 1960)
7. "Cannery Woe" (Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester; 1961)
8. "Pied Piper Of Guadalupe" (Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester; 1961)
9. "Mexican Boarders" (Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester, Slowpoke Rodriguez; 1962)
10. "Chili Weather" (Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester; 1963)
11. "A Message To Gracias" (Speedy Gonzales; Sylvester; 1964)
12. "Nuts And Volts" (Speedy Gonzales; Sylvester; 1964)
13. "Panchos Hideway" (Speedy Gonzales; 1964)
14. "The Wild Chase" (Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester, Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote; 1965)
15. "A-Haunting We Will Go" (Speedy Gonzales, Daffy Duck, Witch Hazel; 1966)

Saturday, September 30, 2006

I just want to say something to Emma Watson

PLEASE DON'T LEAVE THE HARRY POTTER FILMS! I'm sure that you know that AOL and Internet Movie Database have both been announcing that you are considering leaving the Harry Potter cinematography genre. Now, bare in mind, I understand that no one should force someone to do something they don't want to do, but I think it builds character (okay, I don't I'm just thinking up excuses).
Seriously, Miss Watson, what can us, the fans do to reinstate your thoughts of staying with the HP crew? Here are some ideas I have thought up.
  • Send threatening letters and emails to various UK networks, a la BBC, and ransom-bribe them into giving you your own daytime talkshow.
  • Have Dan and Rupert been mean? Tell ya what. We shall hire hitman to stalk them whenever they open their snide mouths (actually, this is not to say Dan or Rupert are foulmouths. I just think seeing them get beat up would be comical. So discard this offer entirely).
  • If you don't re-sign for the last 2 HP films, we will hunt you down, kidnap you, shove you in a satellite, blast you into outer space, and force you to watch the worst movies ever made. *cue MST3K theme*
  • The "Emma Watson Reconsider Fund" will be opening, with various Watson fans donating money, strictly to go into Emma's pocket (and if she has a hole, whatever pounds fall out are fair game for citizens).
  • When fans approach you, they will always address you by your full name: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson
  • Jabs will be taken at you for attending Oxford (there's nothing wrong with that, mind you, but it sounded like a good plan in my head).
  • Smuggled video recordings of your old school play performances will be uploaded to YouTube (and really, who wants to be associated with YouTube?)
  • Rumors will be spread that your hair is not naturally blonde, and that you are a British worm baby, cloned from American actress Kerri Green.
  • Your two cats Dominos and Bubbles, will have a white stripe added to their backs, in our hopes that a French skunk gets attracted to them.
  • You will be strapped to a wooden chair and forced to watch "The Little Match Girl" over and over, and over again, until you die from dehydration.

Okay-dokay, Emma. Do these idle threats stir any fear? Makin' you change your mind about quitting Harry Potter? Okay, I have one more spear to throw. Picture this. You quit HP, and WB decides to replace you with...



Okay, Emma, I'm through ranting. Now keep in mind. Whatever you decide is ALL UP TO YOU. Do not let this blog entry intimidate you. It was written to give you, and other HP fans a laugh. And if you do change your mind, well I'll be expecting a check in the mail (not really), acknowledging that I helped you. Good Day.

-Brandon "predicts to be murdered by Emma Watson soon" Pierce

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Looney Tunes GC: Volume 4

Contents, and discriptions of the cartoons on Disc 2.
Frank Tashlin cartoons!
Case of the Stuttering Pig: Porky's family gets terrorized by a greedy lawyer who transforms himself into a monster.
Little Pancho Villa: A short mexican boy dreams of becoming the greatest bullfighter ever. He doesn't get exactly what he wished for however.
Little Beau Porky: Porky is a roman legion guard ordered to keep out a Roman villian.
Now That Summer is Gone: A small rodent, with a weakness for gambling, challenges other forest animals to various bets.
Porky in the Northwoods: Porky protects the animals of the forest from game wardens.
You're an Education: Another one of Tashlin's "Books Come to Life" cartoons, much like Have You Got Any Castles? available on Volume 2.
Porky's Railroad: Porky races a streamlined Silver Fish train against his own old beat-up train. One of the first cartoons with Mel Blanc as the voice of Porky.
Plane Daffy: Daffy Duck is a message courier bird delivering a military secret that a femme fatale Nazi spy is determined to get.
Porky the Fireman: The title pretty much says it all. Porky working as a fireman. Moving on...
Cracked Ice: An ice skater (a caricature of W.C. Fields) tries to steal some wine from a saint bernard rescue dog.
Puss N' Booty: A cat named Rudolph goes after his owner's newest pet canary bird. This was the last Looney Tunes cartoon produced in Black and White.
I Got Plenty of Mutton: A hungry wolf tries to snatch a few sheeps for breakfast. A guard goat outsmarts him.
Booby Hatched: A newborn duckling can't stand the cold and runs off to find warmth, only to run into a hungry wolf.
Porky's Poultry Plant: Tashlin's debut cartoon at Warner Bros. Porky tries to keep some hungry buzzards away from his barnyard animals, and crops.
The Stupid Cupid: One of Tashlin's final shorts. Cupid Elmer Fudd strikes Daffy Duck with an arrow, and the duck falls in love with an already-spoken-for chicken.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

R.I.P. Crocodile Hunter.

Please don't do this in heaven.

February 1962 - September 2006