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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Looney Tunes Volume 4 Guide

Well, it's been announced what will be on Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 4. If you're not firmiliar with all the cartoons or titles, allow me to disect the titles and plot outlines for you. Just try and stop me. Here's what on Disc 1, various Bugs Bunny cartoons
Roman-Legion Hare (Freleng, 1955)- Bugs battles Sam in a Roman colossium.
The Grey Hounded Hare (McKimson, 1949)- Bugs tries to protect a mechanical female rabbit (he thinks its real) from a pack of race dogs.
Rabbit Hood (Jones, 1949)- Bugs is pursued by the sheriff of Nottingham. In the end, the rabbit meets the real Robin Hood.
Operation: Rabbit (Jones, 1952)- Wile E. Coyote (Genius) attempts to intelligently capture Bugs and eat him. Bugs has other ideas.
Knighty Knight Bugs (Freleng, 1958)- Bugs must find the Singing Sword, and outsmart Sam. This is the only Bugs Bunny cartoon to win an Academy Award.
Southern Fried Rabbit (Freleng, 1953)- Bugs heads toward the record carrot crop in Alabama but runs into Colonel (Yosemite) Sam who is under orders to let no Yankee cross the Mason-Dixon line.
Mississippi Hare (Jones, 1949)- Farmers mistake Bugs' tail for a ball of cotton and toss him in with the rest of the haul. On the riverboat Bugs takes on the gambler Colonel Shuffle.
Hurdy-Gurdy Hare (McKimson, 1950)- Hurdy gurdy operator Bugs must get rid of his Chimp when the ape steals the take from him. The replacement ape is is a Gorrilla.
Forward March Hare (Jones, 1953)- Bugs in inadvertly drafted into the Vietnam War, a place that has no use for rabbits... or do they?
Sahara Hare (Freleng, 1955)- Bugs thinks he's made it to the beach, but after taking a wrong turn somewhere, he's in the desert, that seems to be owned by Yosemite Sam, and an unruly camel.
Barbary Coast Bunny (Jones, 1956)- Bugs' gold findings are stollen by a gambler named Nasty Conasta. Bugs tries to win his gold back.
To Hare Is Human (Jones, 1956)- The Coyote attemps, again to capture Bugs Bunny. This time, taking advice from a machine that has "only one moving part."
8 Ball Bunny (Jones, 1950)- Bugs helps a young penguin (the same penguin from "Frigid Hare" actually) return home in Antarctica.
Kightmare Hare (Jones, 1955)- An apple falls on Bugs' head, transporting him back to King Arthur's England.
Rabbit Romeo (McKimson, 1958)- Elmer's pet Russian Rabbit (voiced by June Foray), demands love, so Elmer tracks down Bugs to satisfy her needs.
That's what's on the Bugs Bunny disc. I'll get around to posting the other contents later. Remeber, Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 4, will be out Nov. 14. Check your calendars!


Blogger Joshua said...

So how come Wily E. can talk in Bugs Bunny cartoons, but not in Road Runner cartoons?

8/29/2006 12:28 PM

Blogger BrandonPierce said...

Because the Road Runner cartoons aren't meant to have dialogue, while a Bugs Bunny cartoon needs some talking ("Corny Concerto would be an exception, as it was a Fantasia spoof).

And the Coyote did talk in the Road Runner show pilot, "The Adventures of the Road Runner", which is on Volume 2.

8/29/2006 11:46 PM


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