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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

United 93: Speculation Hell

I just saw the film "United 93", and WOAH man, this film is eerie. A "speculation reconstruction" of the events to the Flight 93 plane highjacked by terrorists, but never reached its destination because of the many passengers who fought back at the terrorists who lost control of the plane resulting in a climatic plummet to Earth's soil. I was left in chills as soon as the credits started rolling. That's how powerful this movie is.

I was quite surprised to learn that many of the figures who witnessed the terror events played their own respectful roles in this re-enactment. Even the old guy who blew everything off as just "possible" highjacking appears in this film. Not my popular character for the film. I wanted to boo this guy for his careless acts. What a moron.

The passengers were potrayed by family members of the victims, according to Internet Movie Database. That had to be tough. Acting out the last moments of a loved one. I wonder if family members of the two highjackers potrayed the roles. Probably not, I'd have to look deep into that. One of the actors playing the terrorists had one long ugly eyebrow. Did the guy really have that "Bert mark"? Did the actor have one for real, or was that massive make-up going on?

The scenes of the passengers using the plane phones to call their loved ones is a bit of a tear-jerker. When watching the movie the first time, or have no knowledge of the 93 incident (I didn't. That's how much I pay attention to the news), you're left to wonder if they'll make it. Going into this movie a second time would be tough. Those phone scenes may hit harder, because I'll know they're not going to make it.

Great acting, and great directing from Paul Greengrass (if that's really his name). I recommend this movie. I generally don't like drama flicks, but this is an exception. Because it's historical, and is based on fact. I like those kinds of drama films. Go and see it, and buy the DVD when the time comes. All the lives lost on 9/11/01 deserve our rememberence.

-Brandon "possible highjacker" Pierce


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