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Saturday, July 08, 2006

YouTube Blows!

If you're a classic animation fan like I am, you are probably aware of the fact that now YouTube has turned chickenshit on us and have removed all of the classic animation clips from Looney Tunes, to Disney, MGM, Columbia and everything inbetween. Apparently they are fearful of any lawsuits from the bigname companies like WB. There is no logic in this. First of all, YouTube was not making any money off of the cartoons, nor were the people posting them. Posting cartoons on YouTube was no different then regualr cartoon sharing that fans do together at home, or on the net. What is the DEAL?

Another reason we're all pissed off, is because these classic cartoons are NOT getting any exposure of any kind on network television anywhere (well, they are shown on Boomerang.... occasionally, but really, how many people get Boomerang?). While yes, WB and Disney have been releasing they're old cartoons to DVD, other studios like Columbia have been sitting like bumps on logs on their cartoon library. YouTube was practically HELPING people see these wonderful works of art, which NOBODY can see today! If the head studios are so worried about copyright infringement, then they need to go the other direction. Forget about the lawsuits, and release the damn cartoons YOURSELVES! Don't give us that fake excuse that there is no market for classic aniamtion fans, because YES THERE IS!!!!!!!!
Go to goldenagecartoons.com and you'll find hundreds of them! They're all waiting for DVD releases! They'll pay good money! Many of today's cartoonists are fans themselves! john Kricfalusi, matt Groening, all of them are! They've been buying all the Disney Treasure DVDs, as well as the Looney Tunes DVDs! They're making lots of money, and are selling well! MGM, Columbia, WHY AREN'T YOU DOING THIS AS WELL!!! MGM, yes you've released the Pink Panther cartoons on DVD as well as Tom & Jerry, and that I am happy, but you still have so much more! The great Tex Avery! his MGM cartoons have not been appropriately released yet! What's up with that?
And Columbia? What's your story? Where are the "Fox & the Crow" shorts? Where are the Screen Gems? Where's "The Little Match Girl"? We want to see these cartoons! They are all an important part to the history of animation! We can't be stuck with such crap like Family Guy and Simpsons, or South Park. These shows suck! They hold nothing to the classics!
This is another reason I'm pissed at YouTube. They removed all the classics, but kept all of the non-classic cartoons up. THAT'S ANIMATION DISCRIMINATION! It makes no sense!
YouTube, if you're reading this, you've officially lost my respect. And all of you head honchos at WB, Disney, MGM, Columbia, etc. Get with the program. Let's see these cartoons back on TV, on a CHANNEL that everyone has! Sheesh!
-Brandon "still wants to see The Little Match Girl" Pierce


Blogger Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Nice blog Brandon! The editorial about YouTube is terrific! You should send it to Warners as is!

Eddie Fitzgerald

7/08/2006 5:10 PM


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