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Monday, March 19, 2007

Ms. Adventure's blog

Um. Hi? Remember me? I used to post blogs here. I know, I'm deadbeat. Anyway, I just wanted to plug another person's blog (w/out permission! *squeal*). It's the blog of comedian Rachel Reenstra, the host of Animal Planet's series "Ms. Adventure". Just follow this link: http://reenstra.blogspot.com/
I've recently watched some of her episodes (I watch Animal Planet all the time). I think she's a good animal show host. Bare in mind though, I think Jeff Corwin's series is the best (yes, better than the deceased Steve Irwin! Sue me why don't you! Bah!) I've taped a couple of episodes to watch. One episode is where Reenstra shows how animals protect themselves, and she (along with some bear expert; definetly not Stephen Colbert) demonstrated how to trap a bear. But, first, she (stupidly?) climbed into the bear trap and got herself stuck. Haha! Yeah, yeah I know it was staged. In another show she talks about animal "cliques" (yes she uses the word "clique", a word that hasn't been used since the 80s), and how they group together. In the episode, she views a zebra trainer attempt to feed a femal zebra only to get mowed down by the dominate male. Ha-Ha! Reenstra is a comedian that works at clubs in L.A. She's the voice over for Pier One Imports commercials. I think she's kinda funny. Her show is interesting, and worth investigating. I hope her show lasts.
But, I still think Jeff Corwin has the best animal show.